are you going to cut me?…

I can't read any of the tags I have bad vision and I strain my eyes squinting and still cant read them ;~;

how do you add your pixels to your responses, posts, etc? I'm really confused on that...

easy. you just save the pixels to a folder on your computer. then to answer asks or posts with pixels, just click the upload a photo button. And that’s it! the button is just an icon of a camera.



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possible to make a countryside? o:




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Happy birtday! <333333 HAve a wonderful time with so much cake and sweets oki <43 Some friends of mine has their birtday as well today (twins)

haha, i ONLY eat cake and sweets on my bday. thank you honeybunny~ <3

oh dang…id hate to share my birthday. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE :D mines tomorrow aaah!!~

teehee thanks~

well babu, you make sure you have a wonderful birthday yourself. eat lots of cake, get alot of well deserved presents, & be happy on your day, princess <3

so whats the worst & best present you've gotten so far?? and how old are you turning exactly...

Hmm, the best is either my bayla perfume, bubble tea, or baking supplies or cool hard cash moneys(gaah idk!)

worst, coloring books, but i also got 48ct Crayola crayons, my mom got me the expensive crayons~ ooo nice

im 20 today,so ungodly old.. 

Happy Birthday!!! :DDD!!

garsh thank you honey

<3 <3

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